About Us

Advanced Mobility Systems (AMS), is a manufacturer and distributor of products used throughout the healthcare sector, for positioning and pressure injury prevention and management.

AMS offers new solutions to make seating easier for the therapist and more comfortable for the client. Positioning and Pressure solutions that can be issued straight from the shelf to avoid unnecessary delays in providing for the client’s care needs. We continue to grow our extensive line of ready-made accessories providing numerous solutions for your positioning and pressure care requirements.

Our clinically approved products are widely prescribed by Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Specialists and Nurses around the world. AMS products are designed to provide added comfort and protection for users of manual or power wheelchairs, mobility aids and all types of seating.

Our premium silicone Dimensional Gel Pads are used and trusted throughout the health care sector in hospitals, care homes and by organizations including the NHS, Community Stores and Veterans Affairs. The pads provide a soft, cooling and comforting layer of protection for helping maintain skin integrity and reduce the risk of pressure injuries.

When needed, our experienced team of in-house fabricators is known for providing effective custom solutions that improve mobility and independence for our clients.


Across Canada AMS products are sold through a network of specialized home health care stores who sell and service our products to individuals, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and long-term care facilities. Our products are endorsed by health care specialists and most are listed for government or third-party funding and assistance.

Outside of Canada:

USA:   Gel Ovations    https://www.gelovations.net

EUROPE:  Gel Ovations Europe Limited http://www.gelovationseurope.com

Our Partners

Most of all, we greatly value the relationships we have built with our customers, therapists, clients, suppliers, industry colleagues and academics. Sharing ideas and information plays the most important role in working through solutions. It has allowed us to do what we do for over 35 years.

PHONE: 613-384-7460                1-800-661-6716                EMAIL: amsc@bellnet.ca

PHONE: 613-384-7460