Seating Options



Download our AIRpad™ Brochure as a pdf.

  • The AIRpad offers stability and comfort in wheelchair and other seating  applications. The AIRpad is a light weight, slim profile cushion that prevents soreness and promotes the healing of slight decubitus ulcers.
  • Adjusting the AIRpad to a user is very easy because of the quick adjusting two-way valve. An air pump is not need as the cushion is self-inflating!
  • The AIRpad comes with a removable, washable air-mesh cover with non-skid bottom. Incontinent covers are also available.
  • CE – labelling: The AIRpad wears the label of category 1 as an accessory for medical products according to the medical product law and EU-guideline 93/42/EWG.

Minimum user weight 30kg (66lbs)
Maximum user weight 150 kg (330 lbs)

AIR380400           AIRpad 15x16x3″

AIR400400           AIRpad 16x16x3″

AIR430400           AIRpad 17x16x3″

AIR450400           AIRpad 18x16x3″

AIR450450           AIRpad 18x18x3″

AIR480430           AIRpad 19x17x3″

AIR500450           AIRpad 20x18x3″

Under seat shelf installation
Under seat shelf


  • Utilize the space under the wheelchair giving user safe storage for important items. Carrier mounts under seat of manual wheelchairs for carrying tablets, laptops, books, clothes, personal items, designed so items will not fall out the back. 
  • Allows for easy access, without having to reach behind chair for back pack.
  • Safe, secure storage for tablets, laptops, books….
  • Even weight distribution for better mobility. 
  • Easy installation with adjustable hook and loop straps.
  • Material is cleanable, disinfect able, anti-microbial, and anti- fungal. Surface is easily cleaned using most common disinfectants.
  • 14” wide x 11” deep x 4” high, black



  • Extra or replacement inner or outer covers available for all cushions.
  • Assortment of medical grade fabrics, Air mesh, Recovery, Darlexx
  • Custom covers also available, email or call to discuss.

Modesty Panel


Provides for coverage of the posterior in situations where the back and seat cushion may not meet. Another benefit is that this product can eliminate or minimize the risk of personal items from falling out the back. The bottom flap is fastened under the seat cushion with Velcro while the top has the ability to Velcro to back cushion or fasten to canes.  Custom sizes are available.

PART# MP100 – 16”w x 18”h

PART# MP200 – 18”w x 18”h

PART# MP400 – 22”w x 18”h

PART# MP500 – 24”w x 18”h

PART# MP300 – 20”w x 18”h

Personal bag


This effective design allows for discreet storage of personal items or a drainage bag. This item attaches under the seat cushion with Velcro.  The personal bag is approximately 10″w X 12″h with custom sizes now available.


Vinyl booster cushion


Cushion provides additional seat height. Closed cell, firm foam covered with durable Soflux, a great alternative to vinyl. It won’t crack or tear and is cleanable, disinfectable, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal. Provides an incontinence barrier and surface is easily cleaned using most common disinfectants. Hook on one side, loop on the other to attach to seat pan. Prescribed seating can then be put in place.

  • Available in all seat widths and depths.
  • Available in 1” thickness or 2” thickness.

PART# VCB101xxxx – 1”

PART# VCVB202xxxx – 2”

Flat Seat Pan


Standard .” thick ABS with Velcro hook for cushion placement. Available in all sizes.

  • 3/8” thick ABS available upon request.

PART# SS114xxxx – .” x width x depth

PART# SS138xxxx – 3/8” x width x depth

Seat belt


PART# ASB145 Auto seat belt 45”

PART# ASB160 Auto seat belt 60”

PART# ASBF100 Four point auto seat belt w hardware

Seat Belt Buckle Cover


The Seatbelt Buckle Cover is an easy, unobtrusive, inexpensive way to keep the user from unbuckling their seatbelt.

  • Based on the “out of sight, out of mind” theory the seat belt tube was created to slip over the seatbelt buckle so that the user wouldn’t think about unbuckling it and the caregiver would have easy access when the seatbelt needed to be removed. The seatbelt tube is made of a double layer of soft, washable, water resistant material. Our version with the ABS insert has been the most popular as it provides a bit of a deterrent to pushing the seatbelt button.

PART# SBP106 Seatbelt buckle cover with insert 6″L

PART# SBP112 Seatbelt buckle cover with insert 12″L

PART# SBT106 Seatbelt buckle cover 6″L

PART# SBT112 Seatbelt buckle cover 12″L



Flip-Down Pommel is height adjustable for use with 2″- 5 1/2″ thick cushion. Hardware mounts on solid seat insert and screws into wheelchair base. Pommel flips down to allow for easy transfers. Pommel is approximately 3 1/2″W with 3″H.


Adductor Pad


Also known as a hip guide, bolster or pelvic stabilizer.

  • Designed to help center the hips and keep legs aligned
  • Padded to increase clients comfort and provide protection from armrest hardware.
  • May be used to accommodate growth or modify seat width.
  • Each pad includes Velcro compatible backing allowing for easy, adjustable, removable mounting as well as t-nuts and screws for fixed mounting.
  • 1” foam with zippered washable stretch cover.
  • Custom options available.

PART# LLT414 – 4 x 14 x 1”

PART# LLT416 – 4 x 16 x 1”

PART# LLT418 – 4 x 18 x 1”